What do you do for Work? The Dreaded Question | the EDIT by danielle la rue
Currently going through a career transition, I share my story going from the corporate work world to a freelance personal assistant.
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What do you do for Work? The Dreaded Question


No matter where you go or who you meet, one of the first questions people ask each other is, “What do you do for work?” I have come to dread this question. Why?




Because we as human beings have come to associate our self-worth with our occupation. I have been in limbo with my career for a few years now. I went to business school and am smart, but never really knew what to focus on. Clothing has always been a love of mine, so I worked in corporate fashion for about 5 years. The commute and stress got to me and I found an office manager job closer to home. I liked the work. I just didn’t like working for one company full time.






This is where becoming a personal assistant comes in. I didn’t even know this type of position existed until a few years ago. I helped a former boss find a personal assistant and quickly realized that I was in the wrong profession. She was making nearly 3x what I was making doing almost the same tasks. So I started the wheels in motion to become a freelance assistant.




I like to do lots of research when I dive into something new, especially when it is going to cost me money. Many people are creating courses in their field of expertise as a way to make money online. At one point I toyed with the idea of opening an eCommerce store and there are many courses on how to do that. The same goes for becoming a virtual assistant and freelance writer. I came across the Horkey Handbook and decided it had the best overall reviews and was a good cost for me. (You will literally not find a bad review of the Horkey Handbook, everyone has amazing things to say).


I just finished 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success by Horkey Handbook and must say I am incredibly impressed. The amount of information in the course is truly remarkable! There are so many helpful worksheets and extras which you can download to your Google drive. I loved the simplicity of it and would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about becoming a VA. If you want to read more about the course I took, check out Gina’s blog post How to Become a Virtual Assistant:   https://horkeyhandbook.samcart.com/referral/how-to-become-a-virtual-assistant/Bonqptnb70t3XSlR




With the help of the Horkey Handbook, I have created this website from scratch and started my blog (this is my first post!). This course was the step by step guide I needed to legitimately start my self-employed career. There is a lot to do when you transition from a corporate position to working for yourself. Now I can feel good about doing business with my clients because I have a business checking account and Employer Identification Number. Sadly, these are the things that you don’t really learn in college. It is quite empowering learning how to be self-sufficient in my career.






I am so grateful for Gina Horkey and her team, as I embark on this new venture and help other entrepreneurs get important tasks done and take time back for themselves. Now I can truly be proud to tell people that I am a consultant working with other entrepreneurs when they ask “What do you do?”



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