Top 10 Must Have Amazon Purchases | the EDIT by danielle la rue
Being a big Amazon shopper, I have lots of recommendations for items that work for almost anything you can think of in life.
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Top 10 Must Have Amazon Purchases


Amazon has taken over the world. Guilty as charged, I order Amazon ALL the time. So I consider myself somewhat of an expert πŸ˜‰Β Here is a roundup of my Top 10 Must Have Amazon Purchases. Enjoy!


*The EDIT uses affiliate links. See disclaimer for more information.


Let’s Get Started!


  1. LectroFan Noise Machine: My all time favorite Amazon purchase is this amazing noise machine. My husband snores. I guess I do too. This thing drowns out a party happening right next door to us. It’s that good. The first noise machine we tried ended up not working because each sound was on a loop and it bothered my husband because he could tell. So we bought this one and have been sleeping like angels ever since. At $49 it’s totally worth it.



2. Burn Out SPF 30 Ocean Tested Physical Sunscreen: Sunscreen is something I wear EVERYDAY. So it’s really important to me that it doesn’t kill the ocean and my skin along with it. I love this sunscreen not only because it is reef safe, but it is locally made in Santa Cruz, CA by a really cool surfer dude. I also like knowing that I am supporting a local small business when I buy this! One thing to note is that it is pure non-nano zinc oxide so it goes on white. You have to really rub it in. Just keep rubbing, I promise it will look normal once rubbed in πŸ™‚


3.Β  Black Cabinet Drawer Knobs 2″ Square T Bar: I recently made some updates to our kitchen and was amazed to find these chic modern looking knobs for such a cheap price. I was looking at CB2 (which has SUCH cute stuff) and the knobs I wanted would have cost over $60 if I had gone that direction. These knobs were perfect because they’re simple and I love the matte black. It gave our kitchen such a nice update. Post on the kitchen reno coming soon!


4.Β  9 FT Patio Umbrella: Who knew you could get a beautiful and large patio umbrella for under $50?! I was amazed when it arrived the quality of this umbrella. I got the beige color and it really brightens up the patio when the sun shines on it. Just gorgeous! Not sure how to clean the accumulation of bird poop collecting on it though…


5.) Chicwish Knit Cardigan: Please excuse the HIDEOUS pink color the image showed up with but I was super excited to know I could buy this Chicwish cardigan on Amazon. I had been seeing it in my Pinterest and Instagram feeds forever and not until I found it on Amazon did I actually pull the trigger. And I am so happy I did! This is now one of my go to sweaters. I love the volume and texture. I have the ivory color, obvi.


6.) OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler Dog Bed: My dog will literally not get out of this bed. She stays in it as long as possible every morning, making me feel so happy I bought it for her! The sides of the bed are pretty high and cushy, so she can rest her head on it and it makes the perfect pillow. I guess it’s ergonomic for your dog?! Anyway, best purchase for my sweet baby ever.


7.) Basic Home Euro Pillow Insert:Β  Our headboard is my own DIY creation and it’s not attached to our bed frame, therefore there is a bit of a gap between the bed and the frame. I bought these pillows to fill that gap and make a soft backing for us to lean on when watching TV in bed. We LOVE them. I bought them over 1 year ago and they have not deflated or lost any feathers. I am also not allergic to them which is major for me.


8.) Kitt Fox Faux Fur Throw: This is a splurge, but TOTALLY worth it.Β  This blanket looks so chic strewn about my bed and its the warmest blanket we own. It has a fluffy faux fur on the top layer and the underside layer is an extremely soft short faux fur. I love snuggling up with it on the couch.


9.) GingerChi Jade Roller:Β  Everyone and their mom is selling facial rollers, but back a few years ago, this one is what I bought. I keep it in my fridge and rub it all over my face whenever I can remember. It feels amazing and they say it helps with wrinkles!


10.) Yomband Handheld Clothing Steamer: Total lifesaver on my wedding day! I bought one of these for my husband and one for me and we both definitely needed them. This little steamer doesn’t hold much water but boy does it work. After using commercial steamers for work in the past, I can honestly say this handheld version is all a person could really need. It’s so small, you could even bring it on vacation.



To wrap it all up, here are a few things to watch out for when shopping on Amazon:


  • ALWAYS read the reviews. Even a product rated 4.5/5 stars can be a dud and Amazon customers will be the first to let you know.
  • Don’t buy items from shops that have no reviews. I just don’t trust them.
  • There is a lot of counterfeit merchandise on Amazon. If you read the reviews, it will become obvious.
  • It’s always a good idea to buy an item from the brand as opposed to buying from an unknown seller. (The Burn Out sunscreen listed above is sold by Burn Out whereas, it could be sold my some independent shop selling on Amazon like skincare-r-us or something like that).


There you have it. My favorite purchases from Amazon from over the past few years. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed putting this together! Let me know if you have any questions about any of these products and I will do my best to answer πŸ™‚




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