My Husband Loves to Camp | BISHOP Edition | the EDIT by danielle la rue
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Bishop Mountain Range

My Husband Loves to Camp | BISHOP Edition


Camping is not my favorite way to vacation. I don’t even really consider it a vacation. That’s why my husband was totally surprised when I excitedly asked him if he would like to go on a big group camping trip this November. I had visions of my childhood, going to Yosemite, riding bikes and hiking around with my best girlfriends and our parents. I thought, camping must be fun if all your friends are there with you, right?

The Bay -> Bishop

We picked up the organizer and queen camper of them all, my best friend Lindsey Tjian, around 9am last Friday morning. She and her fiance are climbers and have the coolest Mercedes Sprinter van with all the bells and whistles. Not only is there a memory foam mattress in the van, but it also has a fridge, and a complete kitchen set up. I would hardly call it camping…it’s much more like glamping!

We arrive at the campsite and the landscape is beautiful. Nothing but desert everywhere you look. The smoke from all the wildfires was like a thick layer overhead, but what we could see of the mountains was gorgeous.

One drawback we see immediately was the large mosquitoes we were not expecting. We figured that the fires across California have made it extra buggy in places it normally would not be. We set up camp and waited for the rest of our crew to get there.

bishop camp

Campfires + Friends

As people started to arrive and the sun went down, we built a nice fire to warm up next to. It’s amazing how chilly it gets once the sun goes down! We fought the cold to make our dinner that night. It was hard to get anything to actually cook because all the heat was escaping the pan. It was an adventure trying to cook and eat in the dark and cold, but we did it. Sam (my husband) was so happy to be able to use all his gear. By the end of the night, we had a crew of about 18 friends. Since Sam had such a nice kitchen set up, we welcomed everyone to use it.

Over the next couple of days, it was a real free-for-all! We lost a bunch of stuff just because people borrow things and forget to bring them back. One piece of advice I will give a newbie going camping is don’t bring your nice things. EVERYTHING will be ruined when you camp. It’s just how it goes. I wore my new orange teddy coat and quickly regretted it. By the time we left, it was a smokey mess. Just don’t bring anything you care about camping. And don’t even try to look cute. It’s not going to happen.

bishop camping

“The Happy’s” and “The Sad’s”

The next day we followed our climber friends to what they called “the happy’s” and the “the sads”. These are bouldering rocks that are a climbers heaven. I have never climbed anything in my life and it was fascinating to watch this culture of people in their element. Everyone was super polite and it seems like a real collaborative community. In the most random occurrence ever, our friends spotted Post Malone in this section of bouldering rocks. I guess he was there to watch and take it all in too?!


climber friends

bishop landscape

bishop bouldering

Wild Willy’s Hot Springs

After our climbing adventure, we went to the hot springs, about 45 minutes away from our campsite. We arrived and who did we see, but Post Malone again! I guess he was on the same adventure track as us. There were a ton of college-aged kids at this particular hot spring and they were really geeking out over Post Malone. Long story short, we ended up in the same hot spring with him and to be honest, it was a weird vibe. I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable by staring, but he does have interesting facial tattoos and he is one of my favorite artists right now. We did our best to just ignore what was happening and not make him feel uncomfortable.

The actual hot springs were amazing. There were a few different pools to try, the first was a bit shallow (pictured below) but then Lindsey found the really hot deep pool and we all went into that one. We stayed in for about 45 min, and I have never felt more rejuvenated!! The healthy minerals and stuff in the water is incredibly healing, and I am not exaggerating when I say, I felt the healing powers!


Wild Willy's Hot Springs


Bishop Mountain Range

After our big day, we didn’t feel like trying to cook in the freezing cold again. We went to the local BrewPub and had a delicious and warm meal before heading back for our last night camping. Fortunately, it warmed up about 20 degrees the second night, so I wasn’t AS cold in our tent. We had another fun evening talking around the campfire and went to bed early.

Overall, I would say Bishop is a beautiful place. I am not sure I would go back in the winter to camp again, but I am also a fairweather camper. The group agreed that we should definitely all do it again, just maybe in the summer?!



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