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the TRAVEL edit

Bishop Mountain Range

My Husband Loves to Camp | BISHOP Edition

  Camping is not my favorite way to vacation. I don't even really consider it a vacation. That's why my husband was totally surprised when I excitedly asked him if he would like to go on a big group camping trip this November. I had visions...

Our Italian Honeymoon | Part 1

My husband Sam and I really wanted to take our honeymoon right after we got married. We wanted to ride that wave for as long as we could! We were able to take the entire month of September off for our wedding in Lake Tahoe...

Travel ~ Amazing or…Frustrating?

  I don't know about you, but I get pretty caught up in Wanderlust. Travel blogs and social media can do that to a person!   Scrolling through Instagram and various blogs, I am inundated with imagery and content from around the world that inspires me to travel....