7 Influencers You Should Be Following | the EDIT by danielle la rue
With an abundance of influencers to follow, I break down a few who bring valuable content to my inbox everyday.
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7 Influencers You Should Be Following


These days, it seems like everyone is an influencer spouting knowledge on their blog. It can be overwhelming to wade through the abundance of content out there, but if you are willing to spend time looking, you can find some really inspiring women who are not only killing it with their blogs, but have built retail empires as well!




1) A new favorite of mine is Jill Lansky, creator of The August Diaries,(@theaugustdiaries), a fashion and style blog. Her realness is refreshing in a world of perfect barbie like influencers. She is beautiful naturally, even when she is showing you how to cover a massive zit she just woke up with. I especially like her “clothing hauls” where she videos herself trying on clothing from various brands like Zara, H&M, and Aritzia. I find this particularly helpful because online shopping can be unreliable in the fit department. Her videos are informative because she talks extensively about fit, fabric and feel.



2) I have followed @somethingnavy for years now and I just love her. She is so humble and modest, yet gorgeous and has THE best style! It has been so much fun watching her get married, have her daughters and most recently launch her own line for Nordstrom. The idea that she could build an entire brand based on an instagram following blows my mind.








3) For all things wellness/health, I turn to Lee From America’s Lee Tilgman (@leefromamerica). She has the cutest personality and lots of interesting ideas on healing oneself with food and these things called adaptogens. I made her fatballs and can say they are quite delicious! She also got me started on Vital Proteins collagen. I used it for about 3 months straight and can honestly say that I saw significant wrinkle reduction around my eyes and forehead! I am a believer and collagen coffee is a regular for me now.



4)  @mariannahewitt (Life with Me) and @laurengores (You & Lu) jumped onto the skincare scene with their cult favorite Jetlag Mask product and are now creating an online empire. Like @somethingnavy, these ladies have built a following and crafted a product that is what their followers were asking for. Not only do they have amazing California girl style, they are savvy business women and I think that is SO cool.








5) Another lady I started following recently and have become somewhat obsessed with is Sivan Ayla (@sivanayla). She is again, very real. I’ve been following her for a few months and she just had her baby. I think this one hits home for me especially because my husband and I would like to have a baby and it could happen soon! So all things baby and birth are really interesting to me right now. She recently posted her birth story and I appreciate her not leaving any of the details out! I want to know what to expect and women don’t talk about what happens during birth.





6) @whatlolalikes Lauren Garcia is a real gem to watch as well! She just had her second baby, and watching her have the house organized, be a full-time EA, write her blog and cook a delicious looking dinner is super inspiring! I am all about efficiency and she seems to have that down. Taking hints from how others excel in life is the best way to be successful in your own life.




I find each of these women to be like a mentor. Even though I don’t know them in real life, I consider myself to be like them and have some of the same goals. They are also women who are at a similar place in their lives as me which makes them relatable and interesting. They put out valuable content for their readers and that is something I aspire to. Check out their blogs below and let me know in the comments what you think!


7 Influencers You Should Be Following



  1. The August Diaries: http://www.theaugustdiaries.com/
  2. Something Navy: https://somethingnavy.com/
  3. Lee From America: http://www.leefromamerica.com/
  4. Sivan Ayla: https://www.sivanayla.com/
  5. What Lola Likes: https://whatlolalikes.com/
  6. Marianna Hewitt, Life with Me: https://lifewithme.com/ and
  7. Lauren Gores, You & Lu: https://www.youandlu.com/



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